A downloadable game

Choose an egg, get a dragon and start your adventure.

Hatch an egg to get one of the 3 different dragons.

You will have to take care and train this dragon so that it grows and can compete against dragons of other players.

The attributes to train of each dragon are

  • Fly
  • Force
  • Run
  • Swim

You can level up in each one individually and this will make them better in certain mini games.

You can complete daily quests to obtain objects, foods and crystals.

You can customize the world by planting trees and decorating it to make your dragon happy

This and many other things can be done in Dragon Raiser, what are you waiting to join this adventure.


Install instructions

Just download,  extract all the content of the zip file, double click on Dragon Raiser file and enjoy.


DragonRaiser_1.4.0.zip 151 MB

Also available on


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Will the game be available in other languages?  I could volunteer for a French version.

Hi Wicked Cool, Im not sure if Im going to spend time implementing other lenguages yet.

Your game reminds me of Spyro the Dragon, in term of look for the dragons and the fantasy settings.  Spyro the Dragon was one of my favorite games.

Spyro is one of the main inspirations for the game of course it has a lot of things of chaos garden from sonic adventure 2 and pokemon   but   the dragon character was from Spyro <3